Lemon Mint

I think LEMONADE is the official beverage of summer no matter which part of the world you live in. It changes it’s face across different cultures and borders but essentially the lemon with its tangy and tart flavor is the most popular citrus.

In Pakistan, the country of my birth, it is often referred to as SHIKANJBEEN or even simply as LEEMBOO PANI.

It wasn’t until I arrived in the Middle East, more specifically, Saudi Arabia, that I saw the addition of mint in the mix. Lemon Mint was every where. From the prepackaged sugary variety at grocery stores to freshly squeezed versions at high end restaurants, it was the beverage of choice for the Saudi population. Much like berry flavored drinks are here in the United States. Continue reading “Lemon Mint”

watermelon juice

Watermelon Juice

Here’s a great alternative to the age old favorite, Rooh Afza. I grew up consuming this drink but now that there is more awareness we know how the ingredients are a dangerous cocktail of disease causing agents. Continue reading “Watermelon Juice”

Mint Lassi

This concoction happened quite by accident actually. The mint that was to be used as garnish ended up in the blender. Gave it a whir and there it was, lassi and bits of green. Ohhhkaay, I said to myself, no worries. How bad can it be? OMG, it was so so good! Continue reading “Mint Lassi”