A Purposeful Life~ Lessons Learnt

There’s nothing more powerful than the death of a loved one to get you to wake up and question the meaning of life. A life with purpose is after all, the sure way to set and crush ones goals.

It was the death of my mother almost nine years ago that had me question what my purpose in life is. A tragedy often throws one towards spirituality and I was no different. I enrolled myself into Quran studies, being Muslim I knew that my faith talks a lot about life and the transient nature of it. It talks of action rather than going through life heedlessly and hoping for the best later. Because there is a later, it’s called the After Life.

Spirituality is a big part of health and wellness and including it into your life gives you peace and contentment like no other. This can mean different things for different people. Some follow organized religion, others simply meditate and breathe, seeking out strength from the Universe. For me, it was my faith that gave me the strength to face a loss that caused me more pain than I have ever experienced before.

Below are some lessons I have learnt along the way and I hope that they can help you focus on what’s real and align your actions accordingly.

1. practise gratitude

Gratitude is by far the most powerful emotion man can experience. It brings with it many psychological benefits as well as physiological ones.

Being grateful has been of great benefit to me. I believe without a shadow of doubt that if one is grateful, abundance is sure to follow. I have only been able to get this far in my life and career because I learnt the power of gratitude and try never to take anything for granted.

2. patience is key

I can’t stress enough about this. Patience is mentioned innumerable times in the Quran and it is through this that one draws closer to God and His Mercy. The reward is immense and too good to lose out on. Patience does not mean that one can’t mourn a death or be sad at an opportunity lost, rather it means the ability to forbear said losses.


3. know that life is temporary

When you ingrain this belief into your life, nothing really upsets you. Of course the death of a family member or friend will bring excrusiating pain but when we realize that these are things beyond our control, it becomes easier to handle and we then begin to focus on how we can help them in their death rather than fester in our own pain.

This can come in the form of sadaqah e jaariyah or ongoing charity on behalf of the deceased. Off spring are the most eligible for this job. Whatever good that they do is generously deposited into the account of the deceased parent.

4. Get Passionate

And because life is short and temporary, you want to make sure you live it doing something you love, something with meaning as well as something that will benefit others.

Way too many people spend their lives working jobs they hate, are in relationships that drain them and go through life aimlessly.

5. give of yourself to others

Charity can be in any form. It need not be monetary. If there is a skill you possess or time and energy you have, then you are able to give.

If I have learnt anything in life, it is this: What goes around, comes around. If you give today, you are bound to have it paid forward to you.

For me, my passion for health and wellness has given me an opportunity to educate a diseased community on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I started my healthy food blog and then decided to get certification in nutrition so that I could get down in the trenches and help people by personally coaching them to health.

I hope these lessons are of benefit to you and inspire you to live a life with purpose!

If there is anyone you know who would benefit from my two cents, please share with them. 


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