Saima Husain

Sadaf Ursani

Sadaf Ursani

Do it and you won’t regret it!….cutting out processed foods. My skin feels better. Zeeshan is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and guides you, encourages you every step of the way!

Tamania Jafri (AKA Urdu Mom)

Saman Noorani

The program gave me that push I need, without it being overwhelming and unrealistic.Learning about nutrition labels and the hidden sugar in foods. Loved sharing thoughts, ideas and recipes with others in the group. Also loved how you glorified healthy food options to make them more appealing. Eating things that look pretty and easy to fix can be fun! Meal…

Aliya Sharif

I would definitely recommend this program. It has challenged me into pushing myself into a better/healthier lifestyle which I was lacking.I am feeling good and light.My energy levels are up in a long time and I don’t feel the need to nap.Mood is better as well and also my digestion.

Rabia Hamidani

Rabia Hamidani

Loved the meal prep ideas and recipes!I am more prepared and am able to stay away from processed foods. This program will help restructure your healthy eating.  

Faryal Khan

I would highly recommend this program. It’s both an educational & a fun experience. The instructions are easy to follow & the best part is, the program teaches you to make small changes in everyday life that are simple to incorporate.