The six things I did to Get Healthy

The Seven Things I Did To Get My Health Back And So Can You

If you have been around my website, you have more than likely read up on my journey to health. Hashimoto’s, H.Pylori, Vitamin D deficiency, I had it all. Read more about my story here . Friends have asked me in the past to write about the steps I took to get my health back.  Here goes!

1. I decided to take control of my health

Conventional medicine will have you believe that there really is no cure for Hashimoto’s. And that if there is, it is through medication. Once I decided to take charge, I started doing my own research. It wasn’t long before I was overwhelmed and depressed. There was a plethora of information out there but sifting through it was a challenge. I don’t regret it though, it was because of my research that I came across experts such as Dr. Mark Hyman. And although I could not access any functional medicine practitioners due to residing overseas at the time, I found a wealth of information on his blog that I could apply to daily life.


2. I ate healthy

This is a no brainer really. If I have learnt anything from my experience it is that food really is medicine. Wholesome, healing foods are all that you really need to jump start your body towards optimal health. You can exercise and cut calories all you want, but if the food you are consuming is processed and full of sugar you are sabotaging all your hard work. Here’s what I did from the get go;

  • i cut out gluten from my diet


  • i started the day with warm lemon water

  • I incorporated broths and soups into my diet

  • i started cooking with ghee and butter and eliminated man made oils like Canola and vegetable.

  • i cut out sugar and artificial sweeteners.

 I adopted the sunnah of eating

I started fasting twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.Trying to check off a sunnah on my list in the process. Read more about fasting and it’s advantages here

I also started drinking Zamzam regularly and would snack on and bake with dates. The black seed, which is said to be the cure for all diseases was a part of my morning routine. I would take 1/4 teaspoon with water  every morning before breakfast.

I scoped out the best honey vendor in town, often dishing out close to $60 for a small jar of Sedr honey from Yemen. I would eat at least a teaspoon of honey every day and used it as my sweetener of choice when baking.

3. i educated myself

We are so lucky to be living in an age where information is literally at our finger tips. My research led me to inspirational accounts of regular people curing themselves and then sharing their stories.   One such story belongs to Joe Cross. I remember coming across his movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix. In the movie Joe talks about his struggle with autoimmune disease, obesity and a host of other diseases and how he cured himself of them.  I was so excited that I had my whole family watch it with me! I remember thinking that there was hope after all. I had been told that my Hashimoto’s was incurable.

4. i got moving

I started doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred program right around the same time and that helped me sweat out the toxins in my body. I remember reading that somewhere and it made a lot of sense to me.

5. i cleaned up my beauty REGIMEN

When we think about what we  put into our bodies we often neglect the fact that the stuff we put on it matters too. Our skin is the single largest organ of our body. It absorbs the carcinogens (formaldehyde, phthalates and parabens) present in our makeup, moisturizers and hair products into the blood stream and can lead to endocrine disruption.

I started checking my makeup and personal care products for problematic ingredients and switched to natural alternatives such as coconut oil for moisturizing and henna based color to dye my hair.

6. I prayed

By far the most important ritual for me. Although I pray regularly, I took stock of the quality of my worship. I spoke to God like He was in front of me. I was desperate and I needed Him to heal me.

The very ritual of prayer, if done correctly, is meant to bring peace and calmness to the soul. Yoga is gaining so much popularity today and I feel it is essentially the calm and soothing nature of the exercise that is contributing to that. If done right, the Muslim salah or prayer is very similar. 

7. I subscribed to different blogs and experts.

This was instrumental in keeping me up to date on the latest research and news. I have these blogs and experts to thank for for always providing information that increased my knowledge, gave me hope and made me proactive rather than reactive when it came to my health. They are as follows;

Do you know of someone with similar health conditions? Or perhaps you have experienced your own health concerns. How have you dealt with these challenges? Share below!


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